We are!


2 Ingenious, Wacky, and In-vogue brothers. Part of the floating population.

Though we always wanted to do something new and different to stand out from the rest, we never gave life to our ideas.


Life was just going well…


But a sudden spark, made us think!!

With 2 generations of existence in the printing business and a creative mind!

Why not us?

Why not now??


Dude! Better late than never!


Why us?


“Hey, that’s a cool t-shirt!!”, we all like to hear that, Don’t we?

The craze for conceptual t-shirts is infinite!!!!!

Something that can express your fashion quotient,

Something that defines you,

Something that would stand out from the rest,

Something close to your heart,

Something Cool and Trendy, that you wanna show off!!!

Why not conceptual merchandise to express yourself to the world?


When our quest for the same lead nowhere, we finally decided to give life to your brainchild!!!


A pocket-friendly conceptual merchandise brand!

Entirely Made in India!



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